Structured Settlement Cash-New Ways to Keep You Informed!

Structured Settlement Cash-New Ways to Keep You Informed

The Paperboy delivers Corona Capital's news regarding annuity and structured settlement payments.

The team here at Corona Capital is excited for the opportunity to share some of the weekly news on this board about what’s happening for us and our customers. Stay tuned for current info and updated stories on how we’re helping out customers change their lives for the better, with up front cash from their Structured Settlement Annuity payments. We’re only here to help you get what you want!

For example, this week I was excited to see Kyle, a repeat customer from California, receive a large lump sum of cash so that he can move with his two kids to start a new life closer to his sister in the Mid West.

More to come!

Remember to ask yourself, what could you do with your structured settlement cash?

Written by Eric Livingston

Eric Livingston

Eric Livingston is the Founder and President/Director of Operations of Corona Capital. Corona Capital buys annuity, casino, lottery and structured settlement payments including life contingent or non-guaranteed payments.

Date published: 02-11-2014
Last modified: 04-13-2015